About Us

“Agency Goal”
“Mission Statement”

Our goal is for each trucker to feel like they have a “friend” and a “partner” in the transportation insurance business. We strive to take care of each account just as we would want to be taken care of ourselves. Our years of experience have afforded us the company relationships that allow us to match each individual trucker with the insurance company that can best meet their needs through proper coverage and pricing. We will protect your assets so that you can be totally committed to building your business. We recognize that the American Trucker plays a major role in our nation’s strength, independence and freedom while keeping America moving.


Located in the heart of the Delta, the Agency began operations in the Trucking Insurance business in December of 1990. The agency started out with the partnership of one trucking account by the name of Otha Barrow. Since that time, a lot of change has taken place within our industry. While the FMCSA has transformed in to the most recent effort to regulate and ensure safe operations of truckers in the form of CSA 2010, you can count on our years of experience to guide you through the regulations, rules and requirements of the new program. While a lot has taken place since Otha first chose us to insure his operation some 20 years ago, our attitude and commitment to the trucking industry has remained solid and strong. We still insure Otha today and we welcome the opportunity to add you to our list of hundreds of “friends and partners”.

Our People

Betty Davis: Betty has a strong understanding of the challenges facing truckers today as she and her husband own and operate a small fleet of trucks. Betty began her career with us in 1996. During her years of serving the trucking industry, Betty has earned and maintained many strong, personal relationships with our customers. Betty is one of the main reasons for our success in the trucking insurance marketplace. Her unique understanding that she is both a buyer and a producer of transportation related insurance products sets her apart from the rest of the agents marketing trucking insurance.

Amy Oxner: Amy began her career with us in 2002. As a previous owner of commercial equipment, Amy has a good foundation for the financial challenges facing today’s trucker. Amy leads our accounting department while filling in gaps in coverage that a trucker may have. We understand that you still have coverage needs that may not be directly related to the trucking industry but are needs for protection just the same. Amy, throughout her years has been able to forge many long lasting partnerships through her professionalism and commitment to her customers.

Martin E. “Marty” Bradshaw: Marty originally purchased this agency in December of 1990. Marty graduated from Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi in 1986 where he was also a member of the football team. Marty has been committed to the transportation industry since he wrote his first trucking account in 1991. As a Christian, Marty never takes for granted the blessings he has been given and the support he has received from his partners and friends that he has within the transportation insurance industry.

He is committed to taking care of each insured just as he would want to be taken care of. His strong desire that each trucker be protected in a way that would never compromise the trucker’s business assets or his families way of life in the event of a loss, has earned him many relationships that span the 20 years that he has been in business.